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Laser Depilation

We are equipped with a latest generation Alexandrite – Nd:YAG – LASER for permanent depilation.

Thanks to a refrigeration system in contact with the skin, this targeted and efficacious device is suitable for all types of skin and is well tolerated.

Due to our newest devices, we are able to perform definitive depilation sessions all year round by adjusting the parameters while respecting the contraindications. Our staff have undergone specific training under our dermatological supervision so that you can fully benefit from high-quality care.

Vascular laser for skin redness & couperosis

Our vascular laser enables us to treat both couperose and small visible vessels of the face (” Nose Vessel Laser “, ” Face Vessel Laser “).

How does it work? The KTP laser emits an intense green light which is absorbed by the skin redness (small vessels, red spots).

The indications are:

  • couperose
  • erythrosis (reddening of the skin, reactive skin)
  • erythrocouperosis
  • ruby angiomas (red spots on the trunk)
  • brown spots
  • erythrosis coli (reddish-brown spots on the sides of the neck)

You need to know

Before the session:

Prevent sun exposure for at least one month before the procedure. The optimal period for this treatment runs from September to the end of May.

How the session goes:

A warm sensation and a slight burning feeling is felt by the patient. Patients describe the treatment as unpleasant but not painful.

At the end of the treatment:

Diffuse redness and some purplish marks are observed, which can be easily made up. Within 2 to 4 days a transient facial oedema usually appears, which is less noticeable with the excel V laser than with the previous generation lasers. Sun protection is still recommended for at least one month (solar sunscreen). Results are visible and long-lasting.

How many sessions are required?

Between three and six sessions on average, depending on the extent and intensity of the redness.

Results are both spectacular and long-lasting, as the laser will remove the skin spots, but not the susceptibility to skin redness.

Factors that contribute to skin redness (cold, sun, wind, excessive heat, smoking…) should be avoided as much as reasonably possible.

How much does a treatment session cost?

Laser sessions for the treatment of couperose are generally not covered by NHS; the price of a session may vary from one patient to another depending on the individual indication.

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