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Specialist in medico-surgical dermatology and venereology.

Dr Lucie DUPECHEZ is a medical graduate from the Faculty of Paris XII in Créteil. She qualified in dermatology during her residency at the University Hospital of Caen.

Through her stays at the CAEN, SAINT LO, ROUEN and LE HAVRE hospitals, Dr. DUPECHEZ has been trained in clinical dermatology, dermato-oncological surgery, dermatoscopy, aesthetic dermatology, STIs and paediatric dermatology.

Dr. DUPECHEZ’s additional studies include an inter-university diploma in paediatric dermatology from the faculty of Bourgogne and in aesthetic dermatology, laser and cosmetology at the faculty of Nice.

Following her thesis in 2021 at the CAEN University Hospital (selected for the extraordinary prize), Dr Lucie DUPECHEZ completed her medical training at the BAYONNE Hospital. This experience allowed her to deepen her expertise in clinical dermatology (oncology by treating melanomas and other carcinomas, internal medicine involving systemic or autoimmune diseases, surgery, use of biotherapies to treat diseases such as psoriasis or chronic urticaria).