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Allergy is a specific reaction of the immune system to certain, in general harmless, substances in the environment, called allergens.

Allergens include plants, animal dander, metals or chemicals which cause hypersensitivity among the affected person. Symptoms range from sneezing, sniffles, irritating coughs, itchy and burning eyes to skin reactions and gastrointestinal complaints. After allergy has developed, reactions tend to intensify after each new exposure to the allergen.

In France, about 10 million people suffer from at least one allergy and the trend is increasing. Children are generally most affected.

Examples of allergies that are treated at our centre include the following:

Hay fever (pollen and grass allergies)

Food allergy

House dust mite allergy

Animal hair allergy


ErupcionSun allergy


Advanced tests are used to determine allergy triggers

Depending on the initial situation, we perform a selection of different tests:

  • Prick test (atopy/food/animal pheromones)
  • Patch test (contact allergy)
  • Determination of specific IgE antibodies (RAST)
  • Determination of total IgE antibodies

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